Student Productions

Want to put on a show at Lincoln Performing Arts Centre?

In addition to the Lincoln Company/Edinburgh Festival productions, LPAC stages extra-curricular dance and theatre events by University of Lincoln students in its auditorium and studio spaces throughout the year.

If you’re interested in presenting one of these public performances then here’s how to apply…

To help us decide what to put on please submit the form below or email Artistic Director Craig Morrow here an A4 proposal outlining the following details with “Student Production Proposal” in the Subject field.


Things To Think About Before You Continue…

Is this an existing play or work based on copyright material, if so can you get the rights to perform it?

Who is going to do what?  If you’re performing who is going to direct?  Have you got a producer? Have you thought about a lighting designer, stage manager etc? Have you put together a budget and thought about fundraising?

Please note, due to the high volume of applications student attendance will be taken into account when making decisions



Your Name:


Your Email Address:


Title of Piece:


Author:(where applicable)


Preferred Dates:(e.g. Friday 1 January)


Venue:(e.g. LPAC Auditorium, Studio 1 etc)


Brief Synopsis:(max 150 words)

Production Concept:(max 300 words)

What are your staging ideas? What you’re planning to do with the piece? Why this and not something else? What makes this production unique?

Marketing:(max 100 words)

Who is your target audience? How do you plan to engage with them?

Technical Requirements:(max 100 words)

What’s your cast size? How much get-in time do you need? What do you need practically? (At this stage you may not know, but if you want something specific now is the time to flag it up as we can’t guarantee technical equipment at short notice)

Supporting Lecturer:

Please submit the name of a lecturer who knows your work and can support your application


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